HF ArtsFest X huddle exhibition features 18 local and London artists

Local co-working brand Huddle has teamed up with HF ArtsFest to showcase 18 local and Londonbased artists in their new space at 3 Shortlands. Huddle is a beautifullydesigned floor which offers flexible workspace ranging from hot desks to privateoffices for local businesses at competitive rates (www.huddle.london).

The artworksare on display across the 4th floor in 3 Shortlands, a landmark office building which has been extensively refurbished by Romulus, a local property company who have a long history in the borough and who own and operate Huddle. Romulus have a long history of commissioning public art and supporting local artists across Hammersmith and Fulham. The opportunity to partner with HF ArtsFest was a perfect fit at extending this ambition into Huddle and well as offering local and London based artists an opportunity to showcase their work.

Alex Woolf – Founder of Huddle:

“We are delighted to be partnering with HF ArtsFest to support local artists and showcase their works in our spaces at Huddle. We want to create a space that feels both vibrant and locally relevant to our members and visitors.”

Flora Herberich - ArtsFest Producer:

"For HF ArtsFest finding space forartists to exhibit in the borough is becoming increasingly challenging. We’revery grateful for Huddle and Romulus to be hosting 18 artists with a range ofwork and we’re delighted this exhibition will be accessible to wider audiencesduring our festival from the 1st – 9th June 2019."

Featured artists include: J.A. Nicholls, Darren Azgard, Dennis Dracup, Chloe Fremantle,Eve Pettitt, Celia Toler, Snezana Price, Martin Lau, Vivien Reinert, VesnaBraith, Aneta Ten, Mihail Mihaylov, Margaret Owen, Suchi Chidambaram and AshaChandragiri as well as a mural by Living Wall Murals.

post image credit J.A. Nicholls 'Come from far'