For the Curiously Minded...

Our hosts are Anjan Saha and Nina Joshi Ramsey, exploring inventive ideas with a stellar array of guests, including scientists and artists to address modern challenges. Intersperse these dynamic exchanges with live music, poetry and beats, and we have a winning Festival Finale for you. Expect, at times, irreverent, humorous and philosophical searches for deeper truths and solutions to modern day challenges. Art and Science demand different thought disciplines that could cross paths. Can a mashup enquiry of an H&F borough challenge, as well as something more universal, lead to innovative solutions? This event launches a series of hothouse thinking to create better community environments by bringing together a wide spread of society towards a common goal. Join us at the reception where you can put your hand to science, input into the discussion topics and meet people from across the HF Arts Festival.
For the Curiously Minded
Date & Time:
Saturday 9 June 6.30 - 10.30pm